This Is Why Brunettes Are The Absolute Greatest

Blondes may have more fun, but lol, OK.

1. Sooooo…we get it. We have brown hair.

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2. It’s not the most “exciting” hair color.

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4. But having brown hair is actually really awesome. For starters, we’re in some very classy company.

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5. And we don’t have to worry about hair roots.

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6. We have that “hot librarian” thing going on.

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7. Sure, blondes get Hillary.

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8. But we get Jackie O.

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9. Everyone knows Marilyn was a blonde.

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10. But Audrey’s one of us.

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11. If being blonde is so great, then why do so many longtime blondes decide to go dark?

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14. Ready for some data? A survey of 6,000 people found that brunettes earn higher salaries than blondes or redheads.


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15. The same study found that 75% of people considered brunettes to be more intelligent.

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16. A university in England sent a woman to three different nightclubs with her hair dyed red, blonde, and brunette, and guess who they rated most attractive AND intelligent?

Yeah. The brunette.

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17. People also perceive brunettes as making better friends and wives.

According to a Tresemme study.

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18. Another study found that men prefer a curvy brunette to a skinny blonde.

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We concur.

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19. Need more proof? We get all the cool actresses, like Alison Brie.

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20. And Mila Kunis.

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21. And Jennifer Hudson.

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22. And Alexis Bledel.

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23. And Lizzy Caplan.

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24. And Kerry Washington.

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25. And Natalie Portman.

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26. We even get the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World.”

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Her name is Aishwarya Rai.

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27. And guys know what’s up: Don Draper went brunette.

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28. So did this guy.

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29. James Bond preferred dark-haired ladies.

It’s proven.

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30. And if the hottest man alive likes brunettes, you KNOW he’s on to something.

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31. You know who’s always been brunette? Oprah.

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32. So brunettes may be abundant, but that’s only because we’re abundantly awesome.

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33. Your move, blondes.

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