The 10 Best Dog Vines Of 2013

Dogs are man’s best teacher. Here’s all the things dogs taught us on Vine this year…

ID: 2138556

2. How To Say “I RUV YOU!”

Shellie / Via

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ID: 2138851

3. How To Make A Fab Entrance

Nate Villegas / Via

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ID: 2138856

4. How To Play It Cool

Liane V / Via
ID: 2138860

5. How To Overcome Stereotypes

Lilly and the Hairless / Via
ID: 2138866

6. How To Freak Out Your Family

Kc James / Via
ID: 2138889

7. How To Be A Movie Star

Steven Blakeley / Via

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ID: 2138893

8. How To Look BOSS Riding a Bike

Norman Scooter Dog / Via

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ID: 2138899

9. How To Win At Hide-And-Seek

Joey Ahern and Steel / Via

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ID: 2138902

10. How To Chill Like The Rich & Famous

Danielle Cracchiolo / Via
ID: 2138909

11. How To Stalk

Andrew Ericson / Via

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ID: 2138916

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