33 Photos Of Awkward Debauchery At A “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Soirée

Learn what to expect if you have to attend one of these things yourself. WARNING: ladies wearing underwear for no apparent reason ahead.

1. Welcome to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” Soirée atop Seattle’s Columbia Tower (It’s like we’re in Mr. Grey’s office, right?)

ID: 722845

2. But before you enter the party you (the submissive) will have to sign this contract. Mr. Grey’s rules! Sorry, Babes!

ID: 722835

3. Are you ready? The safe word is “Yellow”, but use the safe word “Red” if things get too intense.

ID: 722964

4. Also make sure you DO NOT check your inner goddess at the door.

(Please ignore the Christmas decorations, which were not allowed to be taken down.)

ID: 722833

5. Avoid serving gray food, if you can.

It never looks appetizing.

ID: 722841

6. Sexy corset cookies spice up any buffet table.

ID: 722840

7. As do artistic mini-cupcakes wearing small grey ties.

ID: 722842

8. When you go, you might want to wear a mask. We suggest this weird “Eyes Wide Shut” bird number.

ID: 722843

9. KEEP CALM because…

ID: 722934

10. Guys wearing shirts embroidered with dragons will try to talk to you while you’re in your underwear.

Why you’d be wearing your underwear is unclear. But “Fifty Shades”-themed parties shouldn’t make too much sense, right?

ID: 722966

11. AND there might be celebrity doppelgangers around. REMAIN CALM!

ID: 722836

12. Allison Bree? Is that you?

ID: 722837

13. Kat Von D!?

ID: 722839


ID: 722853

15. Make sure you don’t get too *tied up* gawking at the décor.

ID: 722838

16. Because you won’t want to miss the back jewelry.

ID: 722844

17. And sexy ladies in lingerie!

Why are they there? Why not!

ID: 722849
ID: 722850
ID: 722935

20. The most important thing is that you HAVE A GOOD TIME!

ID: 723011

21. And wear gray, obviously.

ID: 723009

22. Submit to the theme!

ID: 723005

23. Bring a group of girlfriends.

ID: 723007

24. Or a date!

ID: 723013

25. Just try to help the men there avoid feeling too awkward.

ID: 723006

26. Don’t be like this guy!

ID: 723016

27. Be like THIS GUY!

ID: 722855

28. Definitely take lots of pictures.

ID: 722857

29. But watch out for leather whip photo bombs.

ID: 722847

30. At this party, pino grigio is your friend.

ID: 722969

31. Just don’t get so drunk that you trip on the contortionist.

ID: 722854

32. Or allow these people to start erotically beating you with whips.

ID: 722856

33. At this point in the night is probably when you want to say…

ID: 722979


ID: 723392

Photographs by Chona Kasinger for BuzzFeed

ID: 723034

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