16 "Fifty Shades Of Grey"-Inspired Desserts

Yes, these cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are made with gray frosting and batter, specifically for Fifty Shades-themed parties. Don’t those cookies that say “WHAT IS THE SAFE WORD?” look appetizing?

1. A cake in various shades of gray.

ID: 378686

2. Cookies that illustrate various themes from the books.

ID: 380695

3. They’re almost funereal.

ID: 379508

5. Elegant cake balls.

ID: 378741

6. Cakes inspired by the book’s cover are probably the most popular of the “Fifty Shades” baked goods.

ID: 378705

12. Gray Oreo Balls

ID: 380704

13. Artisinal mini cupcakes with pictures and gray sprinkles.

ID: 378744

The detail on these is impressive.

ID: 380736

15. Cupcakes with “shades of gray” frosting.

ID: 379517

16. Black, red, and white cupcakes.

Not sure what a shirtless Zac Efron is doing here.

ID: 380591

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