24 Things I Want To Have All Of

The Atlantic was right when they said women “can’t have it all.” I want all of these things and I’m pretty sure even if I try really hard, I’ll only be able to have a few of them.

1. These Baby Manatees

3. These Hand Creams

Cute packaging from Korean makeup brand Etude House.

4. This Pantone Stuff

5. These Japanese Erasers

8. These Glitter Nail Polishes

9. These Stockings

By Strathcona.

11. Every Kind of Pocky

12. These Floppy-Eared Kittens

14. This Puffy Paint Collection

So I can do fun DIY projects, like this:

15. These Rainbow Stairs

16. The Kit-Kat Flavors Available in Japan

For sampling.

18. These Mason Jar Snow Globes

19. This Person’s Organizational Skills

20. Johnny Weir’s Collection of Ice Skating Costumes

21. These Baby Pineapples

22. This Surfer’s Balls

Jamilah Star rides a wave in Mexico.

23. Destiny’s Child’s Outfit-Coordinating Skills

24. Beyonce’s Self Confidence

—With contributions from Amy Odell, Hillary Reinsberg, and Peggy Wang.

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