36 Things That Are Going To Make You Feel Ancient


1. This picture was taken 13 years ago:

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And here’s what they look like today:

Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images Entertainment

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images Entertainment

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images Entertainment

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2. This is how old the Rugrats would be if they aged normally.

ID: 2210926

And Spike would be DEAD:


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3. Speaking of which, this is what Nickelodeon Studios looks like today:

ID: 2210156

4. Blink 182’s Enema of the State is turning 15 years old…

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5. …and so are …Baby One More Time and Millennium.

ID: 2210207

6. Stoop kid first left his stoop 17 years ago:

Nickelodeon / Via heyarnold.wikia.com
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7. It’s been 12 years since NYSNC went on their “temporary hiatus”…

Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 2210278

…and now some kids don’t know who they are:


ID: 2210233

8. The Leaning Tower Of Cheeza has been leaning for 18 years:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via i.imgur.com
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9. Little Pete is turning 31:

Andy Kropa/Invision for BuzzFeed


ID: 2210860

10. And The Lion King is turning 20.

Walt Disney Pictures
ID: 2210385

11. It will be 20 years since the Friends premiere….

NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
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…and 10 years since the final episode aired.

ID: 2210364

12. “Fetch” wasn’t going to happen over 10 years ago:

ID: 2210409

13. And Kelis brought all the boys to the yard 10 years ago:

“Hey Ya,” “Mr. Brightside,” “Yeah!” by Usher, “Toxic” by Britney Spears, and Kanye West’s The College Dropout also brought us all to the yard 10 years ago.

ID: 2211062

14. It’s been 15 years since you first saw these videos on TRL:


“Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “I Want It That Way.”

ID: 2210974

15. And it’s been 10 years since Nipplegate:

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images Entertainment
ID: 2210690

16. The Spice Girls have been around for 20 years.

Brenda Chase/ Hulton Archive / Getty Image
ID: 2210473

17. Brad Pitt is 50:

Paul Bird via Creative Commons Attribution http://2.0 Generic license / Via commons.wikimedia.org
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18. Kenan and Kel are both 36:

ID: 2211003

19. Leonardo DiCaprio is turning 40:

ID: 2210618

20. And this was Miley 11 years ago:

ID: 2210420

21. The cast of School of Rock reunited for the first time in 10 years this past year:

Getty Images / Via imgur.com
ID: 2211221

Here they are when the movie originally came out:

ID: 2211223

22. And this is what the cast of Matilda looks like today, 17 years after the movie was made:

ID: 2210602

23. The X-Files has been off the air for 11 years.

Ten Thirteen Productions/ 20th Century Fox Television / Via cdn.denofgeek.us
ID: 2210051

24. And Carrie ran away to Paris with The Russian 10 years ago.

Also, a new episode of Sex and the City hasn’t aired in 10 years.

ID: 2210437

25. All these “teens” are in their thirties:

And all these films came out 15 years ago.

ID: 2211009

26. This is what Beans from Even Stevens looks like today:

ID: 2211214

27. Drake and Josh first moved in together 10 years ago — which is when Xzibit first began pimping out cars.

ID: 2210747

28. And That ’70s Show now lives on TV Land:

Carsey-Werner Productions/ Fox
ID: 2210885

29. It’s been 19 years since Casper came back to life.

Universal Pictures / Via hackcollege.com
ID: 2211629

30. Speaking of Casper, here is what Devon Sawa looks like today:

ID: 2211684

31. The Krusty Krab pizza is 14 years old:

ID: 2210664

32. And GoldenEye 007 is 16 years old, old enough to drive:

ID: 2210334

33. These wonderful treats haven’t graced your taste buds for over a DECADE:

ID: 2211042

34. And you haven’t been able to get your meal super-sized in 10 years.

ID: 2210557

35. This is what most video stores look like now:

RIP Blockbuster (1985–2013).

ID: 2210140

36. And, most horrifying of all, kids entering high school were born in the year 2000.



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