8 Times Paris Hilton Made Kim Kardashian Feel Like Crap

Hard to believe, but there was a time when Kim K was Paris’ assistant and BFF.

Once upon a time (aka in the early 2000s), Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were the very best of friends.

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And like all BFFs they did everything together…

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…like awkwardly partying….

Gregg DeGuire / WireImage
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…having deep and engaging intellectual conversations with each other…

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…and going to Oktoberfest.

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I mean, who doesn’t travel to Germany with their BFF while dressed up like a beer maids?

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But all was not well in their friendship, because Paris was always throwing lots of shade at Kim.

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1. Like the time she demanded that Kim clean up after her, instead of hanging out together:

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2. The time she straight-up put Kim in her place:

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3. The time she treated Kim like her own personal Cinderella:

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4. When she got Nicole Richie in on the shading:

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5. And they spread some rumors too:

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6. Eventually, the (not at all for the publicity) friendship died, but Paris continued to diss her whenever she had the chance:

Not hot, Paris. Not hot at all.

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7. As the feud grew, Paris lashed out more:

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In 2009, tabloids proclaimed there had been a truce between the two:

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But Paris had the look of revenge in her eyes:

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8. And just in case you thought it was over, Paris recently reignited the feud when she sent out this shady tweet, with a link to an article titled “Kim Kardashian Making It the Old-Fashioned Way; On Her Back.”

The article has since been removed.

ID: 3224499

But for the record, she says it was an accident ~side-eye~:

Oops, just realized I mistakenly retweeted a story someone sent me. Hate when I leave my phone unlocked in my purse & it tweets & texts.

— Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton)
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