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Randal Moody is a blogger of all things internet. He's constantly on the look for the next viral piece of content and loves to blog about his thoughts on that.
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  • 9 Things Women Wish Didn’t End So Quickly

    Women are often characterized as the more patient sex. From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense why they would be (especially if you’re going to carry around a growing fetus for nine months). However, there are a few experiences that pass by way too fast.

    Randall Moody 4 months ago respond

  • A Cultural History Of The Snuggie

    It is not often that an item from an infomercial takes off quite like the Snuggie did. And when you consider that it is nothing more than a blanket made out of fleece material with sleeves, the meteoric cultural rise of the Snuggie is even more head-scratching. However, strange as it may be, the Snuggie has successfully inserted itself into the public consciousness over the last few years, generating a cult following and becoming an important part of pop culture history in the process. And to think that it all started with a 2-minute infomercial.

    Randall Moody 4 months ago respond

  • 5 Reasons To Use PDFs For Everything

    If you have spent any length of time online, you have probably encountered a portable document format (PDF). These incredible file formats allow you to capture images, crazy fonts and formatting and display it on any operating system, browser or platform. They are like a printed document that you can view, create and edit on your computer. There are some magnificent benefits for individuals and businesses who use PDFs every day. Whether you are a job applicant who wants a more readable resume or a business who wants to publish a guide to a product, the PDF is an important file format to understand and utilize.

    Randall Moody 5 months ago respond

  • 5 Reasons Why Switching To PDF Files Was The Best Decision I’d Ever Made

    Finding the right format to save your document in can be a headache, I say this because I know form personal experience. You have to pick the most popular file format to ensure that your office documents can be sent, received and subsequently read by the right people. The problem I used to run into is that I’d end up saving a document as one format, then one or two higher-up people in a company couldn’t read them. I became so desperate that I began to save my documents as image files, as those were the only things that it seemed like most people could read. The good news is that there’s a wonderful format called PDF that allows you to save your documents in a way that allows you to later edit them, but only if you have the proper rights to do so. Here’s five reasons as to why you should convert to PDF instead of using another proprietary document format for all your document needs.

    Randall Moody 5 months ago respond

  • 9 Infamous Altered Photographs You Didn’t Know About

    Photographic manipulation dates back almost as far as photography. However, whereas an inspiring photo artist today may simply download Adobe Photoshop and set about creating impossible landscapes and reality-bending images for the sake of beauty, historically, photo manipulation has been used by those in power to give credibility and grandeur to their positions. Here is a brief history of how photo editing has been used at times to help further political ends. The Civil War was a time of great leaders doing amazing things. But despite the world-changing decisions that were routinely being made at this crucial point in history, the political and military leaders of the time were not above changing photographs to make themselves appear more noble. Even the Great Emancipator himself, President Abraham Lincoln, appears in an altered photo.

    Randall Moody 5 months ago respond

  • 16 Webpages From The 1990’s That Are Still Live

    Oh the 90’s. It was the start of a new world where you could reinvent yourself and be anybody you wanted to be. Suddenly the nerds and geeks ruled the world and all you needed was a keyboard and a screen to potentially make millions. While many of these sites blew us away in the 90’s, today they are a complete embarrassment to the web. Below are 16 sites for us old folks to browse and relive the glory days of classic web design.

    Randall Moody 5 months ago 3 responses

  • 10 Checkups You Should Be Doing On Your Computer

    In today’s busy world it’s easy to take computer safety and security for granted. That is until you get hacked. Then you start thinking about all the things you could’ve and should’ve done to ensure your privacy and keep your information safe. Here’s a look at 10 computer checkups you should be doing on a regular basis.

    Randall Moody 5 months ago respond

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