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6 Reasons Why The Future Is Terrifying

The kind of future that we often see in movies like Terminator and Minority Report have got more than a few of us concerned that the human race is destined to crumble as a result of the technology that we have created. And while that will probably not happen anytime soon, everyday people are developing new and unfamiliar technology that can sometimes make the future look like a terrifying place.

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2. Cyber criminals are getting smarter


And as technology gets more sophisticated, and learns more about us, so do cyber criminals. Stopping them will get more and more difficult — learn how to protect yourself here.

3. Your technology will know everything about you


We are already halfway there, with our phones easily trackable when lost, any post we make on social media is stamped with a location tag, and we have games consoles that are always turned on and listening. It is thought that the future of popular technology will take this even further, until there is no more information left to discover.

4. Mind-controlled technologies


There is also a possibility that mind-controlled technology will take over in the years to come. Certain programs are already using your information to predict your specific tastes and preferences, but it could go one step further, which could in turn lead to…

6. No human contact


A Japanese tech company recently imagined what it would be like to go to a restaurant without having to interact with another human being, using possible future tech. Pro: no tipping, con: no waiter altogether.

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