This Video Proves That Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is A Better Dancer Than You

He obviously thinks he can dance.

1. Last night, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson stopped by Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance? to audition.

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2. He refused to allow his style to be classified before he begun.

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And it soon became clear why..

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3. He pushed at the air like he was literally moving our hearts.

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4. And then he forward moonwalked over our souls.

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5. He twisted his legs into our minds.

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Channel 10 /

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6. And then bobbled his head as if he were answering life’s great questions.

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“Why are we here?” “What are we?” “Who am I?”

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7. He rocked his body and waved his arms, crying out for us to join him.

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8. And some of the judges even puckered their lips, urging Jesse closer.

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But it wasn’t to be…

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9. With one sharp spin, he ended the romance and crushed our hearts.

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10. Even Jesse couldn’t handle the emotion.

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11. Check out the whole video HERE!

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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