The Pittsburgh Pirates, The People’s Champs, Are Back In The Playoffs

Contrived play-in game aside, they deserve it.

1. It’s been a substantial amount of time since a picture like the one below has been taken of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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2. Specifically, it’s been 21 years since the Pirates made the playoffs. But with catcher Russell Martin cracking two homers tonight to beat the Reds in MLB’s wild-card play-in game, the Bucs are back.

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4. Cranky old-timers like ourselves might grumble about MLB’s never-ending expansion of the concept of “playoffs,” which results in things like teams throwing ragers to celebrate moving from the fourth round to the quarterfinals.

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5. Still, there’s no denying that, with a 94-68 record, Pittsburgh — led by Andrew “McClutchen” McCutcheon, Francisco Liriano, and a bullpen that will shut you DOWN and OUT — earned the right to play in October. These guys know it…

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7. The guys and/or gals who made the “AAAAHHHHH!” sign know it…

ID: 1735882
Justin K. Aller / Getty
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9. The anthropomorphic parrot who conquered the pitching mound knows it…

ID: 1735886
ID: 1735877

11. And Michael Keaton most CERTAINLY knows it.

ID: 1735888
ID: 1735869

13. Well-done, Pittsburgh. The REAL playoffs start Thursday — glad to have you.

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