32 Signs You’re The Hans Moleman Of Your Group

Because life has hit all of us in the groin with a football at least once.

1. You’re constantly getting hit in the groin.

ID: 1579337

2. You never dress your age…

ID: 1579351

3. …and you don’t look your age, either.

ID: 1579435

4. You think technology is out to get you…

ID: 1579446

5. …and everyone’s always after your lucky charms

ID: 1579456

6. (not to mention your sugar).

If only the sugar were as sweet as you.

ID: 1580753

7. No one listens to you…

ID: 1579561

8. …and no one’s gay for you, either.

ID: 1579550

9. You have trouble making new friends…

ID: 1579498

10. …and you’re always getting left behind.

ID: 1580729

11. No one shares your taste in anything.

ID: 1579596

12. You’re always making bad investments…

ID: 1580746

13. …and you can never find the right size seed bell.

No, that’s too big…

ID: 1580744

14. You’re timing is always off.

Please hurry!

ID: 1580798

15. But you don’t like to make a fuss.

Now that you mention it…

ID: 1580764

16. It seems like your life lacks meaning and purpose.

ID: 1579611

17. You’re worried you’ll end up alone…

ID: 1579682

18. …because you’re not a good date…

ID: 1579638

19. …and you’re afraid of how your kids will turn out.

In the sack, you’re Salisbury steak… everywhere else, creamed corn.

ID: 1579664

20. Even though you know the eating of an orange is like a good marriage…

ID: 1580775

21. …kissing you is like kissing a peanut.

Give it a try!

ID: 1579654

22. You’re more than a little accident prone behind the wheel…

I think that I shall never see,
My cataracts are blinding me.

ID: 1580751

23. …both on the road…

ID: 1579785

24. …and off the road…

ID: 1580733

25. …and way, way off the road.

ID: 1579804

26. Nothing ever goes your way, does it?

ID: 1580778

27. Sometimes you just want to give up.

ID: 1580708

28. Everyone walks (or drives) all over you…

ID: 1579503

29. …and someone’s always stepping on your dreams.

ID: 1580702

30. But don’t worry…

ID: 1580737

31. …everyone underestimates you…

ID: 1580808

32. …and one day, you’ll get the last laugh!

ID: 1579518

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