19 Ways “Saved By The Bell: The College Years” Lied To You About College

Surprising, considering Saved by the Bell: The College Years was a show known for its honesty and realism.

1. Ex-professional football players don’t take odd jobs as RAs.

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Your RA is more likely to be an unbearable theater arts major or a self-loathing physics grad student.

2. Your freshman dorm room won’t be a kick-ass two-bedroom apartment.

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You live in a shoe box made of cinder blocks freshman year.

3. You won’t have all your classes with all your roommates in the same lecture hall.

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And if you do, it’s not like any of you will actually go.

4. Fraternities aren’t DoubleDare.

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And the only “physical challenge” is funneling a 40.

5. Your high school girlfriend won’t suddenly show up as your new roommate.

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Good thing that other girl moved out in between episodes!

6. Your on-campus cafeteria isn’t an intimate bistro.

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And most people go in pajamas, smelling like Busch Lite and shame.

7. Your student health clinic isn’t a level-one trauma center.

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It’s where you go for free condoms and the occasional gonorrhea/chlamydia test.

8. Your hunky professors aren’t interested in dating you.

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They just want to sleep with you once or twice.

9. Showing up to a campus party with the university mascot isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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Co-eds will be buying you drinks all night, bro!

10. Cast members from Night Court don’t show up with turkeys if you stay on campus for Thanksgiving.

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The same goes for Blossom cast members, Brian Austin Green, and your high school principal.

11. College professors don’t go to your dorm room to die.

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They die drunk and alone, surrounded by scattered pages of their unfinished novel.

12. Raves don’t spontaneously happen after hours in lecture halls.

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Although the part about Screech bringing nitrous oxide is sadly accurate.

13. You’ll never cook freshman year.

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Unless you count making Top Ramen on a hot plate at 2AM.

14. Hunky alumni football stars don’t need to Photoshop their pin-up posters.

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This was probably cutting-edge trickery in 1993.

15. You have more off-campus housing options than just condemned crack dens.

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Although wherever you end up may eventually turn into a condemned crack den.

16. The dad from Wizards of Waverly Place won’t be one of your poker buddies.

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Although you may still find him hanging around your dorm.

17. American Gladiators don’t teach on-campus self-defense classes.

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You’re lucky if you get a rape whistle.

18. The Dean of Students won’t take the time to meddle in your love life.

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Unless it’s in one of her countless mass e-mails you immediately delete.

19. You won’t be best friends with all your roommates.

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Instead, you’ll gradually get more passive-aggressive until you finally stop speaking to one another, except for the occasional “liked” Facebook status years later.

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