15 Everyday Objects Native New Yorkers Don’t Know How To Use

If you were born and raised in New York City, chances are you have no idea how to use the following things… and are strangely proud of it.

1. Garbage disposals

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Because garbage disposals were illegal in the city until 1997. And good luck getting a New Yorker to stick their hand down one.

2. Bagel slicers

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No New Yorker would ever eat a “bagel” that could fit in a bagel slicer.

3. Cars

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Because Driver’s Ed is basically just a means to getting a state-issued form of ID… which for most native New Yorker’s is a learner’s permit.

4. Lawnmowers

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Grass grows?

5. Fanny packs

The mark of the tourist !!!

6. Subway maps

They just know where they’re going… and need you to get out of the way.

7. Fireplaces

And yet, they love the smell.

8. Drive-through microphones

20th Century Fox Television / Via

Can’t you just order take-out like a normal person?!

9. Scrunchies

New World Pictures / Via

Another mark of the tourist !!!

10. Crosswalk buttons

If you see a frustrated person at a crosswalk wondering why the light’s not changing automatically, chances are they’re a native New Yorker.

11. Gardening tools

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Those Brooklyn community gardens are really just for out-of-town hipster transplants.

12. Walmart giftcards

Bunim/Murray Productions / Via


13. Dishwashers

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Do you know what it means to grow up in a pre-war walk-up? A native New Yorker will tell you!

14. Anything inside a mall

Could you imagine?!

15. Pizza slicers

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Doesn’t pizza come already sliced?

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