23 Unavoidable Stages Of Binge-Watching A New TV Show

Before you finish the series and don’t know what to do with your life anymore…

1. You make the bold decision to start watching this tv show everyone’s been losing their minds over.

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Because after all, you’ve been slaving away at those readings all day and you deserve a break!

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2. After watching one episode, you are instantly hooked.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

Seriously, where have you been all my life?

3. And after watching one episode, you just can’t help but click the link to the next one.

4. And the one after that.

Nigel Dick / Via

5. And maybe even a few more after that.

Black Dog Films / Via


6. To the point where you become one with your TV.

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7. Your studies take a backseat while catching up on your show ascends to the top of your to-do list.

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Because let’s face it, schoolwork AND your new fave tv show?

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8. You shake your damn head at those who don’t watch your show.

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Even though you were one of those people, like, 3 short days ago.

9. And you can’t even be in the presence of people who diss your show.

Walt Disney Productions / Via

You are not worthy of my time, nor my energy.

10. You turn down nights out with friends because you’ve got some serious watching to do.

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11. You experience the very real stress of still having soooo many episodes left to catch up on.

Because all your friends are caught up and you just wanna be cool and discuss it with them!!!

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12. You develop an unadulterated loathing for a spinning circle.

And for these five demoralizing words.

13. You develop a massive crush on the male hottie of the show.

Jake Gosling / Via

14. And you lament the fact that there are no men like this in your own life.

ABC Studios / Via

15. But just when you are in the midst of telling everyone how in love you are with this character, he dies.

16. And you wonder how the writer of the show could be so cold and remorseless.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

17. Your roommate asks you why you’re moping around the house like someone just died.

18. And you’re like, “BECAUSE SOMEONE DID JUST DIE, GAWD!!!”

Fox Animation Studios / Via

Nobody understands me.

19. When you enter a conversation in which spoilers are being revealed, you are out of there faster than you can say Jon Snow.

Lynch Entertainment / Via

20. You are insanely sleep-deprived, but you only have a few episodes to go, therefore sleep is out of the question.

Studio Canal / Via

21. Finally, you reach the last episode, feeling quite accomplished with how far you’ve come in the past couple weeks.

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22. But by the end of the episode, you are nothing but a tangled web of emotions.

SNL Studios / Via

Too. Many. Feels.

20th Century Fox Television / Via
Universal Television / Via

But you have to.

23. And now you must face the harsh reality that you actually have to WAIT until the next season starts.

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