Can You Make It Through This Post Without Checking Your Phone?

Probably not, but give it a try anyway.

2. First, make sure your phone is within reach.

3. Make sure it’s turned on.

4. Did you already touch your phone? DID YOU EVEN READ THE RULES??

5. OK, OK, just calm down and listen to this soothing music while you scroll.

7. Try to finish this test before it rains tonight. You heard it’s gonna rain, right?

8. Also, if you have more than one Starbucks within a mile from your house, it’s good luck!

10. Men’s Health says that a phone in your pocket could be REALLY bad for you.

11. This is getting stressful. How about we just sit and enjoy nature for a long time?

12. BRB. Can you just wait to scroll down for like 5–10 minutes?

14. Now that we’re friends, here’s a link to get unlimited Candy Crush lives:

Just click right here. …Nobody’s watching.

15. OH LOOK: It’s a QR code! What could it be?

16. That reminds me, I wonder how many likes your last Instagram got.

19. UGH. Fine. Congrats. You’re great

20. That said…

21. Good Job!!

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