Can You Make It Through This Post Without Checking Your Phone?

Probably not, but give it a try anyway.

2. First, make sure your phone is within reach.

ID: 1378494

3. Make sure it’s turned on.

ID: 1374908

4. Did you already touch your phone? DID YOU EVEN READ THE RULES??

ID: 1375574

5. OK, OK, just calm down and listen to this soothing music while you scroll.

ID: 1375643

7. Try to finish this test before it rains tonight. You heard it’s gonna rain, right?

ID: 1375783

8. Also, if you have more than one Starbucks within a mile from your house, it’s good luck!

ID: 1376629

10. Men’s Health says that a phone in your pocket could be REALLY bad for you.

ID: 1379095

11. This is getting stressful. How about we just sit and enjoy nature for a long time?

ID: 1377977

12. BRB. Can you just wait to scroll down for like 5–10 minutes?

ID: 1378130

14. Now that we’re friends, here’s a link to get unlimited Candy Crush lives:

Just click right here. …Nobody’s watching.

ID: 1378155

15. OH LOOK: It’s a QR code! What could it be?

ID: 1378755

16. That reminds me, I wonder how many likes your last Instagram got.

ID: 1379367

18. ….

ID: 1378413

19. UGH. Fine. Congrats. You’re great

ID: 1378789

20. That said…

ID: 1378439

21. Good Job!!

ID: 1379415

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