33 Ways Facebook Ruins Your Life


1. When someone pokes you.

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2. When someone asks why you didn’t accept their friend request.

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3. When you get 1,000 birthday messages.

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4. When people write multi-paragraph political commentary.

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5. When you check in on how your old high school friends lives are.

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6. When that bar-crawl group you joined in college starts messaging you again.

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7. When someone tags you in a drunk photo.

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8. When you realize there are lots of old people on Facebook.

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9. When Facebook asks for your phone number and emails.

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10. When your parents friend you.

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And your mom instantly writes on your wall.

ID: 1191761

And then they begin liking everything you ever posted.

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11. And when your pre-teen relative finds you on Facebook.

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And this is what they find out about you:

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12. When anyone tries to hit on you via FB messenger.

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And when that person is your ex.

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13. When you find the profile of the your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend.

ID: 1191721

14. When you are creeping on someone and you accidentally “like” one of their photos.

ID: 1191762

15. When creepers you have never met start commenting on your updates.

ID: 1193057

16. When Facebook makes you lose your faith in humanity.

ID: 1191722

Like, totally.

ID: 1191763


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17. When your boss friends you.

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18. When Facebook came out with its own phone.

ID: 1191727

19. When people message you their random thoughts throughout the day.

ID: 1191764

20. When people invite you to like fan pages about themselves.

ID: 1192226

21. When you see a selfie.

ID: 1192506

22. When someone starts live posting the scores of sporting events.

ID: 1192375

23. When people post extremely emotional, attention-seeking, depressing statuses.

ID: 1192376

And you’re like:

ID: 1192385

24. When you decide to start de-friending people you don’t know.

ID: 1192392

And then someone de-friends you.

ID: 1192507

25. When no one “likes” your new photo.

ID: 1192380

26. When endless, obnoxious graduation photos destroy your news feed.

ID: 1192498

27. When someone you’re kind of seeing asks you to be in a relationship.

ID: 1192383

28. When someone you don’t know invites you to their birthday party.

ID: 1192384

29. When ANYONE posts ANY intimate details about their pregnancy.

You just peed on that.

ID: 1192386

30. You come up with a very witty status update.

ID: 1192390

And then you misspell a word.

ID: 1192393

31. When you watch people ruin their lives on Facebook.

ID: 1191715

And when you find out so much more about a person than you ever wanted to know.

ID: 1191707

32. Your productivity at work/school meets the facebook panda

ID: 1191705

33. When people ask you why you’re not updating anymore.

ID: 1193129

So you tell everyone you’re moving to Tumblr.

ID: 1192377

And then you find out Yahoo is buying Tumblr.

ID: 1192504

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