22 Reasons Why Wawa Is The Greatest Gas Station On The Planet

Three words: Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Wawa is the greatest gas station convenience store in existence.

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And this is what happens when I see one on the road.

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1. It started as a dairy over 100 years ago in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

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But eventually transitioned into a charming community convenience store.

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Which turned into this gloriousness.

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Please stand in awe.

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2. The layout inside is open and spacious.

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3. So that you can order this deliciousness with ease.

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Wawa hoagies come in three sizes with adorable names.

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Their hoagies are so popular, Mitt Romney ordered one.

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“Holy shit, those look delicious.”

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Romney was so impressed, he ate his hoagie like this:

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Their healthy wraps are so fresh and so clean, clean.

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Are you joking here? Brilliant.

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Breakfast sandwiches rock too.

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Your aunt’s parrot cannot even resist a Wawa sandwich.

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4. Wawa is so clean, you can see your reflection in the floors.

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5. OK, on to Wawa coffee.

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When we’re driving and people ask to go get coffee somewhere else, I’m like:

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Every store has exactly 9,000 different brews of coffee.

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6. And delicious mixers for your tasting pleasure!

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Caramel brew? Am I in heaven?

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7. No, because true heaven is Pumpkin Spice.

ID: 893624

It is more delicious than any coffee you have ever had.

ID: 893626

No, seriously, freak out about it like Michelle Malkin & Stephen Gutowski.

ID: 893627

And this is what I am like when the Pumpkin Spice season ends.

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8. They will make you specialty coffee drinks, like their salted caramel latte.

ID: 893571

Iced cinnamon.

ID: 893572

Chocolate love drizzle.

ID: 893575

9. And they have the best promotions!

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10. Wawa coffee is so good, they package their own blend. #swag.

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Your mom says, “I always loved you best.”

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Wawa is an Ojibwe Indian word for Canada Goose, which is their mascot.

In honor of Katherine Grady.

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11. This is the mascot dancing with customers.

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12. Wawa also has other delicious snacky foods.

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Like mac ‘n’ cheese!

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This is what the Wawa Dairy looks like today.

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13. Because Wawa still has its own dairy, it has amazing dairy products — like its own ice cream!

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The ice cream is so delicious, you must eat it like this:

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They even want to give your dad free ice cream.

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14. Best part? You get to custom-order your freakin’ stuff digitally at a kiosk!

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Are you kidding me right now?

ID: 893637

Look at this!!!

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ID: 893639

Never confuses an order!

ID: 893628

Ordering was so easy, you eat your sub like:

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15. People are so obsessed with Wawa, they get the store permanently inked into their bodies.

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ID: 893594

Even Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo?!

ID: 893643

And this is how happy he is when he gets to go there.

ID: 894921

Not the same, but cool story bro!

ID: 893640

16. Wawa has the greatest advertising.

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They did a “Yellow Submarine”–themed Hoagie Fest.

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17. Their employees are regularly very happy to serve you!

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18. Probably because 29% of Wawa is owned by it’s employees, whom it calls Associate Owners.

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19. Wawa’s corporate headquarters are located in this quaint, colonial house.

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20. Wawa regularly supports good causes.

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Wawa sponsors a freedom festival in Philadelphia every year!

ID: 893595

Where they support the troops, freedom, and America.

ID: 893597

By giving away free sandwiches all day!

ID: 893634

Wawas are generally located here (sorry, Midwest & West Coast).

ID: 893578

West Coast: “We only have In-N-Out Burger.”

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21. Plans for new Wawas look awesome!

ID: 893588

Like this one being built right now in Florida!

ID: 893593


ID: 893613

22. This is the best gift you could get for your friend on the Eastern Seaboard.

ID: 893598

Wawa, the most perfect gas station ever.

ID: 894308

And half the people reading this are like “Awwww Sheetz!”

ID: 895208

“Sheetz is better…”

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