The 9 Best/Worst Movie Theme Covers

An exceptional movie theme cover only needs two things: a well-tuned instrument, and a little bit of talent. The people performing in these nine videos have neither.

1. The 20th Century Fox Theme (Flute)

ID: 275493

2. The Universal Studios Theme (Flute)

ID: 275500

3. Jurassic Park (Melodica)

ID: 275490

4. My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (Recorder)

ID: 275491

5. Star Wars - Duel of the Fates (Melodica)

ID: 275509

6. The Bodyguard (Melodica)

ID: 275540

7. Chariots Of Fire (Melodica)

ID: 275544

8. Harry Potter (Melodica)

ID: 275619

9. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Orchestral)

ID: 275633

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