26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Pull yourselves together, babies.

1. They’ll stop what they’re doing to take a nap. Doesn’t matter where they are. Doesn’t matter who they’re with.

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2. They all make faces like this:

ID: 1107051

3. They conduct themselves poorly in public.

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4. Their depth perception is all over the place.

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5. Seriously, they just can’t seem to get their food to their mouths.

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6. They are totally unable to predict when they’re about to pass out.

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7. They always find themselves in totally inexplicable situations.

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8. They have absolutely no coordination.

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9. There is no sleeping position too uncomfortable.

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10. They have poor impulse control.

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11. They often fall asleep on or near toilets.

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12. They shouldn’t be trusted around heavy equipment.

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13. They have no sense of shame.

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14. And they often fall asleep with their shoes on.

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15. They don’t know when to stop drinking.

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16. They constantly misjudge their strength and coordination.

ID: 1107041

17. They’re really bad at posing for photos.

ID: 1107048

18. They’re terrible at judging distances.

ID: 1107043

19. They’re obsessed with finding something to eat…

ID: 1107049

20. …but they often don’t make it that far.

ID: 1107054

21. They’re constantly hurting themselves.

ID: 1107045

22. They draw on others’ faces when they pass out.

ID: 1107037

23. They’re not good around pools.

ID: 1107044

24. They can often be found with their heads in the toilet.

ID: 1107038

25. Things go wrong around them for no apparent reason.

ID: 1107042

26. They have no shame about being seen without pants on.

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