23 Reasons Everyone Needs To Stop Getting Married

Together, we can end this madness.

1. Because Monster Energy is a drink, not a wedding theme.

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2. Because nobody should be planking during your ceremony.

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3. Because jorts are not acceptable attire, even for the band…

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4. And especially not for the groom. Couldn’t you at least have worn full jeans?

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5. Never mind. Still bad.

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6. Because even a super-tasteful Mario-themed wedding is STILL A MARIO-THEMED WEDDING.

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7. Because no bride should be power-bombed down the aisle.

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8. Because weddings are not XBox games. Stop it.

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9. Because as great as Star Wars is, Admiral Ackbar is not legally capable of conducting the ceremony.

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10. Nor is Master Chief.

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11. Because it’s supposed to be a wedding, not a nightmare.

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13. Because themed weddings always sound better on paper.

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14. Because I’m not sure it counts if a hot dog does it.

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15. Because nobody should get married in a McDonald’s.

ID: 1613773

16. Or a Waffle House.

ID: 1613798

17. Because you may not be as good at Photoshop as you think you are.

ID: 1613778

18. Because it’s estimated that 1 in 7 people are afraid of clowns.

ID: 1613791

19. Because there’s a time and a place for airbrushed T-shirts.

ID: 1613808

20. Because you may have a drinking problem.

ID: 1613821

21. Because you apparently thought you were getting dressed for an early-’90s rap video instead of a wedding.

ID: 1613822

22. Because mustaches.

ID: 1613824

23. Because there’s absolutely no way to know what’s going on here.

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