21 Signs That Don’t Seem Totally Legit

Something about these signs doesn’t feel quite right. Then again, why would a sign lie to you?

1. Free drinks?! Who gives away drinks?

ID: 1014348

2. Yeah, but what if that’s just the decoy dog?

ID: 1014329

3. Fool me once, shame on you…

ID: 1014339

4. I was on board until the question mark after “free.”

ID: 1014342

5. Has that GO sign always been there?

ID: 1014334

6. I hadn’t heard that Beer Funding was so underfunded.

ID: 1014331

7. He IS on a billboard.

ID: 1014344

8. That’s a good deal. Buy two.

ID: 1014341

9. Call me when the guy who DOESN’T like pizza gives them a good review.

ID: 1014346

10. They do say that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.

ID: 1014332

11. Kids love trucks, and you can’t beat that price.

ID: 1014340

12. Technically, wood CAN conduct electricity.

ID: 1014333

13. When you tell me not to worry it just makes me worry more.

ID: 1014343


ID: 1014337

15. The sign doesn’t even say whether they’re CPR certified.

ID: 1014335

16. Might as well call. He’s going to sell whether you want him to or not.

ID: 1014338

17. So this is where they make Binbows. I think I’ve heard of that.

ID: 1014345

18. Hmm. Nobody just GIVES away cuddles anymore.

ID: 1014330

19. Someone get this couch to the Smithsonian.

ID: 1014347

20. He didn’t pay for an expensive sign so he could pass the savings along to you!

ID: 1014349

21. Pros: Cleaned keys as advertised. Cons: Severe electric shock. Would not recommend.

ID: 1014350

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