The 27 Best Facebook Status Comebacks

Every now and then, an opportunity to drop a really great zinger will present itself on Facebook. Do what these people did, and seize the opportunity.

1. I have that super power too!

ID: 995653

2. Also on his marriage certificate.

ID: 995637

3. So stop whining.

ID: 995649

4. Like, REALLY brings them out.

ID: 995643

5. Because he literally said they were.

ID: 995651

6. ANIMALCOMPANIONA is really getting on my nerves.

ID: 995646

7. Nope! You did it right.

ID: 995633

8. What don’t you get?

ID: 995648

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers? They were probably TRYING to get rid of it.

ID: 995660

10. Timing may be a little inappropriate, but someone had to correct him.

ID: 995654

11. 16 people penis this penis.

ID: 995634

12. The simple answer is often the best answer.

ID: 995635

13. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s managed to figure out Facebook.

ID: 995636

14. kay.

ID: 995638

15. Also, he probably pays a lot for both.

ID: 995639

16. Humblebrag.

ID: 995657

17. A lot of people struggle with their rights and lefts. You’ll figure it out.

ID: 995640

18. What a terrible example to use.

ID: 995641

19. That’s literally the definition.

ID: 995645

20. Good manners go a long way.

ID: 995647

21. Tosh “WillingToDoAnythingForAJoke”

ID: 995650

22. I’d have loved to hear that phone call.

ID: 995652

23. Good art is hard to find/kill.

ID: 995655

24. SCRREEEECH! BEEP! BEEP! eeeEEEAAAAeeeAAA! wub wub wub wub wub.

ID: 995656

25. Why don’t you leave the Interneting to the men, sweetheart.

ID: 995659

26. He didn’t take the margin of error into account.

ID: 995661

27. False alarm.

ID: 995662

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