30 People Who Should Have Thought Before They Posted

There’s a certain camaraderie on social media that makes you feel like the whole world is on the same page as you. They’re not.

1. Rain. You’re forgetting about rain.

ID: 1228013

2. Definitely an emergency party dress. That’s totally a thing.

ID: 1228028

3. Yep. It’s a state. (In fact, it was kinda the first one.)

ID: 1228040

4. What did you think that key was there for?

ID: 1228014

5. Yeah… That’s a thing already.

ID: 1228030

6. Another candidate for #FailOfTheYear.

ID: 1228035

7. I don’t think that’s how it works?

ID: 1228016

8. George Eastman figured it out back in 1888.

ID: 1228029

9. I liked Emily so much more on June 21.

ID: 1228037

10. The only thing tougher than basic math is basic logic.

ID: 1228017

11. Just imagine!

ID: 1228031

12. A lot of the world struggles with that, actually.

ID: 1228039

13. Sounds like you had a busy night too.

ID: 1228015

14. Cannot unsee.

ID: 1228032

15. No. That wouldn’t be pretty cool.

ID: 1228041

16. Mother of the year.

ID: 1228282

17. You mean a parrot?

ID: 1228034

18. This generation’s Ada Lovelace.

ID: 1228042

19. Who’d a thought? Everyone. Everyone would have thought.

ID: 1228019

20. Not being racist, but…

ID: 1228038

21. Somewhere a furniture store owner is laughing to himself while he’s counting his money.

ID: 1228020

22. Good way to figure out who your least intelligent friends are.

ID: 1228021

23. You understand why it can’t, right?

ID: 1228022

24. Nope.

ID: 1228023

25. Stop it. Everyone go to bed.

ID: 1228036

26. Didn’t you get my text?

ID: 1228024

27. My sediments exactly.

ID: 1228025

28. Move your thumb a little to the left.

ID: 1228026

29. Pretty accurate description though.

ID: 1228033

30. This one has a bright future ahead of her.

ID: 1228027

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