28 Times Tumblr Missed The Point

The tumblr community is full of whip-smart minds that are capable of truly inspiring acts of creativity, clever insights, and deeply personal works of art. And then there’s these people.

1. A knife would never break like that going through round cheese.

ID: 3691883

2. He’s right. According to the US Department of Education, Killjoke University is not an accredited college in the United States.

ID: 3691781

3. Geopunk doesn’t care how serious this crime is – he’s not letting this pun go.

ID: 3691828

4. That’s truly inspirational dedication to luggage.

ID: 3691844

5. Also, not to nitpick, but I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with the top right strawberry.

ID: 3691830

6. Sales skyrocketed in 1986.

ID: 3691905

7. Yeah, but is ANYTHING capable of feeling love on it’s own? What even IS love? Deep thoughts, man.

ID: 3691823

8. Up is down, left is right, Squirtles are named Pikachu, and nothing is right in this world.

ID: 3691796

9. Stop being so gender-normative.

ID: 3691824

10. Take your stupid pronunciation and Van Gogh back to England.

ID: 3691826

11. Yeah, but they do a pretty great job of capturing the feeling.

ID: 3691827

12. How do you eat your butter?

ID: 3691833

13. christinaposabule sets ‘em up, kawaiiasspizza knocks ‘em down.

ID: 3691838

14. Whoa! That’s, like, 80th base.

ID: 3691845

15. Always use protection.

ID: 3691849

16. This made me violintly upset.

ID: 3691851

17. Italics cause nothing but trouble.

ID: 3691801

18. Italians too.

ID: 3691853

19. Geez. Just take a second to look up the defamation before you use a word.

ID: 3691855

20. Wait, who uses a recipe for oatmeal? It’s just oats and water.

ID: 3691858

21. nevercampbell LOVES suc– er… selling dogs.

ID: 3691862

22. You can charge more if the child is artisanal.

ID: 3691864

23. Are you sure? Have you compared them?

ID: 3691866

24. Dealing with a tumblr user is a little like dealing with a genie. You need to be super careful how you word things.

ID: 3691872

25. Tumblr user shuckl takes us along on a personal journey of discovery.

ID: 3691878

26. That’ll shave at least 3 minutes and 6 dimensions off your shower.

ID: 3691882

27. When you’re prepared for anything, nothing can take you by surprise.

ID: 3691901

28. Answer the question.

ID: 3691793

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