32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

If these are the future leaders of tomorrow, I think the world is going to be just fine.

1. The time they contemplated the mental health of sea coral.

ID: 3134392

2. The time they got a history lesson from a bottle of soap.

ID: 3134396

3. The time they supported our troops.

ID: 3134403

4. The time they figured out the greatest marketing campaign of all time.

ID: 3134409

5. The time they really made you think about your own origins.

ID: 3134413

6. The time they coined a really useful new adage.

ID: 3134420

7. The time they taught you about the Degenerative Cubism epidemic.

ID: 3134427

8. The time they actually made Nickelback lyrics seem clever.

ID: 3134431

9. The time they failed to really think this through.

ID: 3134432

10. The time they made us confront our own scars, and it was a huge letdown.

ID: 3134435

11. The time they summed up what a boner is.

ID: 3134440

12. The time they came up with the best Star Trek joke ever.

ID: 3134442

13. The time they remembered that one British actor everyone loves.

ID: 3134894

14. The time they updated the Bard for modern audiences.

ID: 3134896

15. The time they used the European’s pronunciation of Van Gogh against them.

ID: 3134901

16. The time they failed to realize that not everyone is on the same page re: “pusillanimous.”

ID: 3134907

17. The time they went down with the ship.

ID: 3134909

18. The time they made it to third base.

ID: 3134914

19. The time you didn’t even notice until you read it again.

ID: 3134917

20. The time they made you feel sorry for a person that doesn’t even exist.

ID: 3134921

21. The time that they really thought about their key demographic.

ID: 3134922

22. The time they took their doctor’s advice.

ID: 3134927

23. The time they came up with the greatest move in the history of moves.

ID: 3134933

24. The time they made you wish you were more careful about what you wish for.

ID: 3134987

25. The time they came up with the best theme for a party.

ID: 3134990

26. The time they pranked their friend by replacing “no” with “pecan pie” in their autocorrect.

ID: 3134995

27. The time they used Greek mythology to put things in perspective.

ID: 3134998

28. The time they made you regret not paying more attention to that whole “Kony 2012” thing.

ID: 3135001

29. The time they just started naming numbers that already exist.

ID: 3135003

30. The time they came up with the more inspirational pun ever.

ID: 3135005

31. The time they made your mundane life seem so much more bad ass than it actually is.

ID: 3135007

32. The time they knew exactly what you meant, pervert.

ID: 3135009

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