27 Occasions That Definitely Call For Cake

There’s never a wrong time to have some cake.

1. Being basic.

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2. Baby showers.

ID: 1426974

3. Tendering your resignation.

ID: 1426975

4. Reminding others that you appreciate their friendship.

ID: 1426937

5. Reminding your Canadian friends how great America is on Canada Day.

ID: 1426939

6. A co-workers last day.

ID: 1426945

7. Having some extra foam and frosting laying around.

ID: 1426971

8. Interventions.

ID: 1426954

9. Spelling your name with two L’s and two T’s.

ID: 1426956

10. Graduation! Complete with graduation cat.

You did say you wanted a cat on the picture, right?

ID: 1426938

11. Your first birthday away from friends and family.

ID: 1426940

12. Someone’s 21st birth– BLAARG!

ID: 1426941

13. Reminding your kids where they came from.

ID: 1426942

14. Your mom’s 60th birthday. (She really, really likes cake.)

ID: 1426947

15. Being too lazy to bake a cake.

ID: 1426951

16. Starting your menstrual cycle.

ID: 1426958

17. Turning 20, and by default, beating teen pregnancy.

ID: 1426960

18. A very matter-of-fact birthday celebration.

ID: 1426963

19. A successful hysterectomy.

ID: 1426965

20. An intern’s last day.

ID: 1426967

21. Not being able to find a place that sells cake on your buddy’s birthday.

ID: 1426969

22. Throwing elbows in your sleep.

ID: 1426970

23. Using employee get-togethers to remind them about the finer points of company policies.

ID: 1426973

24. Falling in front of others. (Specifically, 15 others.)

ID: 1426977

25. Being too tired to deal with cake right now.

ID: 1426978

26. Condolences over one’s junk.

ID: 1426979

27. ???

ID: 1426964

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