How To Make A Fake Beard (Using A Real Beard)

Most hair stylists would see a simple beard trim as part of the job. But when her friend needed to part ways with his beard before a wedding, Reddit user goblinsauce saw it as an opportunity.

1. “He reluctantly decided to have me shave his beard off for a wedding. He asked me if there was any way he could keep it.”

ID: 2187661

2. “Keep it, as in gift it to a follically challenged friend with a beard loving cat. A mountain of glue and a piece of fabric with some strategically placed holes…”

ID: 2187660

3. “Some handy clipper work…”

ID: 2187662

4. “Note the ear holes.”

ID: 2187663

5. “Testing out my masterpiece.”

ID: 2187665

6. “And here we have it. Lady Cat Beards! Now accepting donations.”

ID: 2187664

7. “Stamp of meowpproval.”

ID: 2187666

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