26 Perfectly Reasonable Excuses For Totally Giving Up

If at first you don’t succeed… Ah, fuck it.

1. Because working out hurts.

ID: 1341752

2. Because you need to read up on it first.

ID: 1341755

3. Because bowling is hard…

ID: 1341745

4. …And so is Skee-Ball.

ID: 1341742

5. Because you left your microphone at home.

ID: 1341747

6. Because the bathroom could be really far away and there’s a perfectly usable toilet right here.

ID: 1341743

7. Because opening umbrellas requires too much effort.

ID: 1341744

8. Because fast food isn’t fast enough.

ID: 1341763

9. Because baking is hard and you’re just going to have another birthday next year.

ID: 1341746

10. Because Band-Aids are expensive, and 911 is there for a reason.

ID: 1341748

11. Because discounts are bad for business.

ID: 1341749

12. Because it’s too hard to find a cute outfit.

ID: 1341750

13. Because juice boxes are heavy.

ID: 1341751

14. Because Best Buy has a perfectly usable Xbox and air conditioning.

ID: 1341753

15. Because freshness is for chumps.

ID: 1341754

16. Because delicately excavating something takes way too long.

ID: 1341756

17. Because that college degree isn’t making it any easier to find a job.

ID: 1341757

18. Because you couldn’t find a dictionrie.

ID: 1341758

19. Because your name is so easy to vandalize.

ID: 1341759

20. Because you’re not really into labels.

ID: 1341760

21. Because the trash can is way down at the other end of the street.

ID: 1341761

22. Because doorbells don’t count.

ID: 1341762

23. Because it’s already a perfectly good chair.

ID: 1341764

24. Because your driveway is really, really long.

ID: 1341765

25. Because grocery baskets are heavy.

ID: 1341823

26. Because it didn’t say HOW MANY pepperonis.

ID: 1341826

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