26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

These are the future leaders of the free world.

1. Winning @ Life, Andy.

ID: 1299811

2. If you aim low enough, you don’t have to worry about falling short of your goals.

ID: 1299588

3. This girl has is all figured out.

ID: 1299881

4. Warren is a realist.

ID: 1299659

5. Graham had the same idea, but with a twist ending.

ID: 1299655

6. This kid pretty much summed up humanity.

ID: 1299743

7. Super villain in the making.

ID: 1299726

8. Dream big, guys. Eat toast.

ID: 1299862

9. Follow your dreams, Cole.

ID: 1299648

10. Tremble in fear, messy tables. Your doom has come.

ID: 1299766

11. Maybe a little ambitious, but at the rate technology is developing, it could happen.

ID: 1299721

12. Lukas is a future geologist or demolitionist. He could go either way.

ID: 1299685

13. Desks, homework, and the pursuit of bananas.

ID: 1299814

14. I suppose there are worse goals to be chasing.

ID: 1299866

15. We all went through that phase, Sarah.

ID: 1299868

16. Please call! Broken heart.

ID: 1299870

17. Twenty years from now, she’s going to be the world’s most infamous counterfeiter.

ID: 1299871

18. This kid is already planning for bar trivia nights.

ID: 1299872

19. I like his stance on obedience, but he really waffles on the whole biting issue.

ID: 1299873

20. Going to make a great parent someday.

ID: 1299875

21. Wait, why is “Find Atlantis” crossed off?

ID: 1299877

22. I sense a life cut tragically short by diabetes and heart disease.

ID: 1299880

23. Baller ambition, kid.

ID: 1299878

24. Elena has her priorities straight.

ID: 1299673

25. I’ve got some bad news, kid.

ID: 1299592

26. Piles of $$$ can be tempting, but you should really consider investing.

ID: 1299636

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