20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Men Who Wear Fedoras

Friends don’t let friends date people who wear fedoras.

1. They are bad boys.

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2. They’re too nice.

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3. They spend too much time on Reddit.

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4. They have conservative stances on gender roles in relationships… Oh, also, WAY too into My Little Pony.

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5. They’re misogynists.

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6. They’re violent.

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7. They don’t brush their teeth.

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8. They hate people who are overweight.

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9. They take advantage of drunk women.

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10. They’re into steampunk.

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11. They spend a lot of time wondering about totally meaningless things.

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12. They don’t believe in evolution.

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13. They only eat at Denny’s.

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14. They’re probably racist.

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15. They can never do without their fedoras.

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16. They’re not into the club scene.

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17. They’re probably pretty homophobic.

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18. They’re so unremarkable, that people only notice their hat when they meet them.

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19. They have questionable ideas about consent.

ID: 1001503

20. They’re always stuck in the friend zone.

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