19 Medical Emergencies Only Yahoo Answers Can Help You With

Seriously, don’t even bother calling a doctor. They’ll just get the police involved, and then NOTHING will get solved.

1. I’m actually not sure there is a better way.

ID: 1120786

2. Oof, That’s gonna hurt coming out, James.

ID: 1120771

3. Asking for a friend.

ID: 1120774

4. Maybe you should trim your nails more often, No Nip Steve.

ID: 1120770

5. This is actually a really good question.

ID: 1120772

6. What WON’T kids stick up their butts these days?

ID: 1120773

7. I don’t think the question asker totally understood the “best answer.”

ID: 1120775

8. Erica is essentially calling for belly button homicide. Monster.

ID: 1120776

9. We’ve all been there before.

ID: 1120777

10. Your doctor is working with the belly button people!

ID: 1120781

11. You’re DEFINITELY going to want to sue Burger King. Call a lawyer immediately.

ID: 1120778

12. Jeez, I hope they’re made up. Skeletons scare the hell out of me.

ID: 1120780

13. This actually happens to a lot of 30-year-old Indian men.

ID: 1120779

14. This is actually how people get pregnant. Congrats, Gerald! You’re going to be a mother.

ID: 1120782

15. Either you’re turning into the Lorax, or you’ve got a liver disorder. It’s probably the Lorax thing though, so don’t worry too much.

ID: 1120783

16. Sadly, there’s no way to be certain. Source: I’m a doctor.

ID: 1120784

17. You can’t fault his logic.

ID: 1120785

18. Bronyism is terminal. Sorry.

ID: 1120787

19. Details are VERY important on this one.

ID: 1120789

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