17 Group Photos That Are Definitely Not Photoshopped

None of the photographs have been doctored or altered in any way. All 100% real. For sure.

1. The young man in the back was definitely there for the championship picture.

ID: 1069404

2. The man in the back definitely went to San Francisco that one time.

ID: 1069405

3. The man pointing in the background was definitely there for the staff photo.

ID: 1069406

4. The man on the right was definitely at his brother’s graduation.

ID: 1069407

5. The man on the far left was definitely at the wedding. Don’t you remember? He was busting ghosts the whole time.

ID: 1069408

6. Dad was totally at the wedding! He was in a ton of great shots!

ID: 1069409

7. There was the great picture of him with the bride and all the bridesmaids.

ID: 1069410

8. Someone should have told dad that you can’t smoke indoors!

ID: 1069411

9. I swear, there’s something about this photo that makes him look 30 years younger.

ID: 1069413

10. It’s weird. I don’t remember your roommate being in that picture, but sure enough, there he is.

ID: 1069412

11. Remember that time we all definitely met John Green? That was a lot of fun.

ID: 1069414

12. Mike and Dave were definitely there last night. They were in the back of that great shot we took.

ID: 1069415

13. Man, the guy in front was definitely the life of the party last night.

ID: 1069416

14. That guy was definitely at Hooters. Such a player.

ID: 1069417

15. Glad all the gals could make it for our nice family dinner!

ID: 1069420

16. Tons of ladies follow these guys everywhere they go. Definitely not just a bunch of dudes.

ID: 1069419

17. Christine was definitely on the family trip. She was right next to Ben in that one picture.

ID: 1069418

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