17 Group Photos That Are Definitely Not Photoshopped

None of the photographs have been doctored or altered in any way. All 100% real. For sure.

1. The young man in the back was definitely there for the championship picture.

2. The man in the back definitely went to San Francisco that one time.

3. The man pointing in the background was definitely there for the staff photo.

4. The man on the right was definitely at his brother’s graduation.

5. The man on the far left was definitely at the wedding. Don’t you remember? He was busting ghosts the whole time.

6. Dad was totally at the wedding! He was in a ton of great shots!

7. There was the great picture of him with the bride and all the bridesmaids.

8. Someone should have told dad that you can’t smoke indoors!

9. I swear, there’s something about this photo that makes him look 30 years younger.

10. It’s weird. I don’t remember your roommate being in that picture, but sure enough, there he is.

11. Remember that time we all definitely met John Green? That was a lot of fun.

12. Mike and Dave were definitely there last night. They were in the back of that great shot we took.

13. Man, the guy in front was definitely the life of the party last night.

14. That guy was definitely at Hooters. Such a player.

15. Glad all the gals could make it for our nice family dinner!

16. Tons of ladies follow these guys everywhere they go. Definitely not just a bunch of dudes.

17. Christine was definitely on the family trip. She was right next to Ben in that one picture.

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