15 Printer Errors You Never Want To Get

Someone get IT on the phone…quick.

1. Hang in there, printer. Don’t give up hope.

ID: 904422

2. I do too, printer. I do too.

ID: 904260

3. I’ve stuffed sandwiches into every tray I could find. It just made things worse.

ID: 904198

4. Seems reasonable.

ID: 904234

6. Whoa! Slow down, printer. We just met.

ID: 904228

7. Have you tried printing your way out?

ID: 904326

8. I read the manual cover to cover. It didn’t say what to do in this situation.

ID: 904240

9. I don’t even know how you got it in there in the first place.

ID: 904273

10. I knew there was something tangy about the status reports last month.

ID: 904229

11. That’s what she said.

ID: 904231

12. Printers can’t be choosers.

ID: 904262

13. Should have stocked up on potions.

ID: 904270

14. Wait, is that something I should have been worrying about all along?

ID: 904325

15. And that’s how I became a printer.

ID: 904261

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