30 Surefire Ways To Spot A Brit Abroad

Uno beero for me-o por favor.

1. Brits get rather excited about going abroad.

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2. Matching T-shirts will be made.

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3. Every aspect of the journey shall be documented.

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4. Upon arrival we are absolutely fearless and disregard our bottles of SPF 30.

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5. Which will result in this.

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6. Once we’ve learnt our lesson we’ll lather on SPF 70 like it’s going out of style

ID: 2296427

7. Kids will be made to wear space ranger outfits.

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8. Some adults will wear them too.

ID: 2296440

9. But to no avail.

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10. Heat in general is tough on a Brit.

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11. It makes us detest our clothing.

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12. Overheated British bodies act out in mysterious ways.

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13. Bad tempered Brits = a lot of complaining.

This is a genuine complaint to Thomas Cook Holidays.

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14. Perhaps we wouldn’t be so hot if we didn’t wear socks with these?

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15. Or wore hats like these…

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16. We’re all about the Union Jack when we’re abroad.

ID: 2301716

Don’t do it James.

ID: 2301717

17. We like to wake up at the crack of dawn to mark our territory.

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18. Once we fancy a swim it’ll only take 3 hours to get in the pool.

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19. We FREAK out over bugs.

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20. A Brit abroad will showcase a distinct lack of interest in the local cuisine.

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21. The local produce is never quite up to scratch. Do they even know how to milk cows abroad?

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22. We’ll spend a lot of money getting our beloved grub.

ID: 2305696

23. Of course let’s not tar all Brits with the same brush. Some of us do get in with the locals.

ID: 2305743

24. Some will even attempt the language.

ID: 2305753

25. But totally butcher it.

ID: 2305771

26. When we’re being misunderstood we do this…

ID: 2305786

27. The more adventurous amongst us will attempt to haggle at the local market.

ID: 2305801

28. And get totally ripped off. £100 for an authentic Spanish sombrero wasn’t such a good deal after all.

ID: 2305810

29. On the last day of the trip we like to go out with a bang.

ID: 2305827

30. And despite the epic holiday hangover we’ll still find it in ourselves to go mental at Duty Free.

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