27 Stages Of Meeting Someone IRL From Tinder

It’s time for Tinderella to go to the ball.

1. After getting through a lot of Tinder dirt-bags like this…

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2. You’ve finally swiped your way to a good catch.

ID: 2255093

3. You arrange to meet somewhere in public because you’re not stupid.

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4. Before the meet you change your outfit a million times because everything seems a bit over the top.

ID: 2256345

5. Your friends are absolutely NO help in advising you…

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6. You read some dating tips from your favourite blogs.

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But all the conflicting information sends your brain into overdrive.

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7. You’re about to cancel but then you remember this one important thing about yourself…

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8. So you give yourself a pep talk and leave the house.

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9. On the way there you listen to some 80s power ballads to get in the zone.

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10. You’ve timed it perfectly so you’re neither late or stupidly early.

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11. Right, you’re there. You can see them.

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12. At this point you’re either pleasantly surprised. Photos match the face. Yay!

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13. Either way you get on with it. Time for the greet: do you hug, kiss, shake hands?

ID: 2260732


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Or you realise the strategic placing of a cute puppy in their pics was deliberate. Hmmf.

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14. Luckily they make the first move.

ID: 2261154

15. Time for general chit chat, asking how their day was etc.

ID: 2261194

16. You both comment on how crazy this whole Tinder thing is.

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And how you ONLY use it as a joke/ when you’re bored/ because your friends made you do it.

ID: 2265649

17. You order some drinks. While you could do with a triple whiskey on the rocks you stick to wine.

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18. Tinder notifications keep pinging on your phone. Time to turn that thing on silent.

ID: 2265652

19. Then you get round to asking each other some Big Questions.

ID: 2263600

Of course you filter out the boring stuff.

ID: 2263604

And the depressing stuff.

ID: 2263607

20. During the silences you have to stop yourself from doing something weird.

ID: 2261209

21. Then hopefully this happens: YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON.

ID: 2263622

Yes totally I agree!!! Step Up has NOTHING on Step Up 2: The Streets.

NBC / Via tumblr.com
ID: 2264968

22. But then a dark cloud appears…

ID: 2265606

They keep talking about their ex.

ID: 2265612

Big time warning sign.

ID: 2265619

23. When your date goes to the toilet you attend those Tinder notifications.

ID: 2265624

But your date is actually better than anyone else within a 50-mile radius.

ID: 2265628

24. Before you know it it’s time to say goodbye.

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25. Crippling fear of rejection means tongues will most likely stay in their respective mouths.

NBC / Via ivillage.com
ID: 2265640

26. And before the onslaught of SHOULD I TEXT THEM/ SHOULD I NOT TEXT THEM starts up again. Time to phone a friend that you made it out alive.

ID: 2265644

27. And maybe see what’s cracking on Tinder. Maybe.

ID: 2265645

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