Obama Played Soccer With A Robot, Proving The Future Is Now And Slightly Unnerving

President Obama stopped by Tokyo’s Miraikan science museum on Thursday during his state visit to Japan and decided to play soccer with Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot.

1. During his visit to Japan, President Obama on Thursday stopped by Tokyo’s Miraikan science museum. The visit turned into a brief soccer game with ASIMO, Honda’s humanoid robot.

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During his visit he spoke on the importance of education in math and science, citing both the United States and Japan being on the cutting edge of innovation.

2. Before they kicked around, the robot showed Obama what he was made of.

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ASIMO has been in the works since 1986, when Honda engineers aimed to create a walking robot.

3. The soccer game didn’t last long, but Asimo did show the President how good he actually was.

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Obama, normally a basketball player, didn’t look all that bad handling the ball with his feet instead.

4. Look at that form!

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

5. And it wouldn’t be a soccer match without a goal-scoring celebration.

AP Video / vine.co

6. It seems the future of athletics is here, and it looks like this.

Eric Thayer / Getty Images

You rule, ASIMO.

7. Watch the entire interaction below.

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