This Is The Most Expensive House In America

Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut, is currently listed at a whopping $190 million. Gatsby much?

1. At $190 million, Copper Beech Farm, originally built in 1898, currently holds the title of most expensive home ever formally listed.

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2. Despite its astronomical price tag, the house is certainly not the largest house in America.

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3. With 12 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two partial bathrooms, the house’s interior comes to 13,519 square feet.

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4. In comparison, Oprah Winfrey’s Montecito, Calif., mansion comes in at a whopping 23,000 square feet.

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5. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average square footage for a single-family home in 2010 was 2,392 square feet.

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6. So what makes this Connecticut mansion so expensive?

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7. Perhaps it’s the 12-foot ceilings and carved fireplace?

ID: 1372415

8. Or maybe it’s the grass tennis court.

ID: 1372413

9. 75-foot pool and spa.

ID: 1370682

10. Greenhouse.

ID: 1372412

11. Sun room.

ID: 1372409

12. Covered gardens.

ID: 1370683

13. Enormous lawn.

ID: 1370695

14. Or simply the perfect view.

ID: 1370685

15. But if I had to bet, I’m guessing it’s the 50 acres of prime waterfront property.

ID: 1370700

16. P.S. In case you’ve been wanting your own private island lately, this house comes with two.

ID: 1370698

17. Oh well, back to my 90-square-foot, New York City apartment.

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