The Difference Between Boys’ And Girls’ Nerf Guns

“Pretty in pink” or “powerful in pink?”

1. This is Hasbro’s all-new, all-girl Nerf line, “Rebelle.”

ID: 1327846

2. Set to debut in stores this fall, girls can now look forward to playing with blasters of the “same performance” as the boy’s blasters.

ID: 1327666

3. Girls will have a whole array of butt-kicking blaster options including: The “Heartbreaker Bow”…

ID: 1328592

4. “Pink Crush”

ID: 1327678

5. … and the “Power Pair,” equipped with two whole darts per blaster!

ID: 1329597

6. How many darts to the boys get? 25.

ID: 1331995

7. And the girls? Two.


Something seems a little “off.”

ID: 1331966

8. In addition to each blaster, girls can also buy these “collectible darts” which come in a beautiful cornucopia of pinks, purples, teals, and even a few blacks.

ID: 1329525

9. Oddly enough, the boy’s darts only come in a “non-collectible” standard color.

ID: 1329526

10. Currently on Nerf’s website you can shop by two genders: “boys” and “both.”

ID: 1327717

11. At least now we can all get in on the fun, right?

ID: 1329732

12. Just make sure your bow is the right color.

ID: 1329283

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