27 Reasons We Should All Be Moving To Japan

Japan just may be the quirkiest country around. The “Zooey Deschanel” of countries if you will.

1. Japan is a magical place. Filled with beautiful wonders like cherry blossoms….

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2. …golden pavilions…

ID: 1826994

3. …and Pokémon planes!

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4. In Japan, no expense is spared.

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5. Pets are treated like royalty.

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Whether you’re a duck…

ID: 1825928

6. … Or just a regular old dog.

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7. Fashion and food are friends.

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8. As is food and technology.

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9. In fact, let’s just go ahead and say Japanese food is the best. LOOK AT THIS RAMEN.

ID: 1826306

10. Look at these Doritos!

ID: 1826215

11. Such strangely wonderful Doritos.

ID: 1826185

12. Have you ever had Aristocat-themed Disney milk tea before?! Because you can have it in Japan.

ID: 1826208

13. In Japan you can eat EVERY flavor of Kit Kat.

ID: 1826308

14. And eat hot food 24 hours a day…FROM A VENDING MACHINE.

ID: 1826600

15. Most importantly, your food is always insanely adorable.

ID: 1826210

16. And super happy.

ID: 1825948

17. Everyone is happy in Japan.

ID: 1826341

Well most people…

ID: 1826033

18. Because everyone expresses themselves constantly.

ID: 1826539

19. Because why wouldn’t you want to dress up as Darth Vader and play baseball?

ID: 1826374

20. Or drink beer and eat sushi on the subway?

ID: 1825951

21. There’s a FUCKIN’ SALE happening at all times in Japan.

ID: 1826153

22. Where you can buy things like jean thongs.

ID: 1826182

23. And diet water!

ID: 1827031

24. Bored? Why not make your own candy and eat it out of a tiny toilet.

ID: 1826365

25. Speaking of toilets, here’s a children’s book about the life cycle of a dog poop.

ID: 1826231

26. And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you to move to Japan — just remember — THEY HAVE A POKÉMON CENTER.

ID: 1826680

27. Now excuse me while I go fall asleep in my capsule hotel.

ID: 1826763

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