25 People Who Laugh In The Face Of Boredom

Free time? I think you mean fun time.

25. This guy who makes buildings out of TOOTHPICKS.

ID: 1241965

24. These people who see actors instead of bananas.

ID: 1241304

23. This husband who balances things on his wife’s head.

ID: 1241369

22. This guy who defies the laws of gravity.

ID: 1241128

21. These people who see their pets as playmates.

ID: 1241212

20. This awesome guy who took Super Mario Brothers to another level.

ID: 1241409

19. This employee who made their own lightsaber.

“The force is strong in this one.”

ID: 1241141

18. This guy who wondered what he’d look like as Two Face.

ID: 1241131

17. This kid who decided to surprise his mom.

ID: 1241158

16. These guys who got creative with their cover photos.

ID: 1241162

15. This Walmart employee who leaves secret messages.

ID: 1241192

14. This student who can’t help playing with his or her food.

ID: 1241290

13. This math student who figured out the real reason graphing calculators are awesome.

ID: 1241193

12. This guy who is really on top of his Photoshop game.

ID: 1241201

11. OK GO

ID: 1241223

10. The person who decided to give Mr. Lincoln a makeover.

Project Runway: Presidential Edition

ID: 1241242

9. The girl who loved Angry Birds so much, she made it into a pizza.

ID: 1241232

8. These guys who turned a chalkboard into their own personal video game.

ID: 1241251

7. This imaginative commuter.

ID: 1241261

6. This guy whose hair can be worn in any way.

ID: 1241266

5. These guys who decided watching Planet of the Apes wasn’t enough.

ID: 1241274

4. These roommates who know what to do with extra crafting supplies.

ID: 1241330

3. The guy who caught and drew the most awesome (and kinda strange) dead fly comic ever.

ID: 1241295

2. This guy who never lets produce go to waste.

ID: 1241335

1. And this guy who spends his time making up sweet tricks.

ID: 1241422

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