49 Things Little Monsters Love

All hail Lady Gaga.

1. Gaga’s adorable smile and giant pink hair bow.

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2. Telling everyone that she is a queen and puts basic bitches to shame.

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3. Watching her gaze into the audience at concerts.

Arielle Calderon

Arielle Calderon

Arielle Calderon

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4. Every time Mother Monster plays the piano.

Arielle Calderon
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5. Putting our paws up.

Arielle Calderon

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6. And spending more money on costumes than concert tickets.

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7. Every time Lady Gaga announces a new single/album.

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8. And when she does an early release!

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9. The BTW Ball Castle.

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11. The sandwich bite move from the “Telephone” music video.

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12. And her friendship with BEYONCÉ.

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13. Her beautiful performance at NYU when she was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

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14. Gaga’s collection of kickass sunglasses.

“You may say I lost everything, but I still had my bedazzler.”

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15. The Living Dress.

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16. That time Lady Gaga was on SNL.

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17. And when she had a 3-way with The Lonely Island.

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18. Her strong stance on equal rights.

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19. Fozzibear!

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20. Lady Gaga’s gliding dance moves.

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21. This piece of Disney fan art.

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22. Her selfies.

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23. The fact that all her tattoos are on the left side of her body, at her father’s request to keep one part of her “normal.”

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24. That time she judged So You Think You Can Dance, and cried when she saw a beautiful performance.

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25. And the time she made a guest appearance on Gossip Girl.

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26. Telling people that she emerged from a VESSEL, not an EGG.

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27. Hating Perez Hilton for turning on Lady Gaga.


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28. Her commentary during interviews.

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29. And at concerts.

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30. This “Bad Romance” formula.

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31. Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s New York.

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32. Diet Coke.

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33. The Disco Stick.

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34. When Gaga and her sister Natali dressed as each other for Halloween.

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35. LOL, THIS.

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36. Her flaming bra.

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37. This Grammy dress.

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38. Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight’s everlasting friendship.

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40. The “Telephone/Dance In the Dark” performance that she dedicated to Alexander McQueen.

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41. Her interludes between costume changes at concerts.

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42. Supporting Gaga even in her more controversial moments.

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Kevin Winter / Getty

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43. Learning the choreography to her music videos.

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44. The lightning bolt.

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45. All her wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

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46. That time she RAPPED.


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47. Experiencing The Monster Ball in person.

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48. The story about Gaga seeing her Boston fans.

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49. And her booty.

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