30 Reasons "Now And Then" Was A Defining Childhood Movie For Girls

All for one and one for all.

1. It made you laugh, cry, and scream. So many emotions.

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2. It also taught you some things about sex.

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Well, hopefully not completely, because Chrissy’s mom wasn’t the ideal source of information.

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3. This movie made you want to play red rover and buy a tree house.

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So this is what kids did without iPhones…

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4. It also made you want to dance while riding your bike.

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5. The soundtrack was amazing, and you still associate the songs with scenes from the movie.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify.

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6. Teeny’s boob life hack was pure genius and it gave tween girls everywhere an alternative to socks.

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7. And ladies who graduated from the training-bra phase a little too early sympathized with Roberta.

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8. As much as the foursome feared Crazy Pete, you kind of felt bad for him.

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9. And when he saved Sam from drowning, you ugly cried way too hard.

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10. As funny and lighthearted as parts of Now and Then were, the whole séance thing scared the crap out of you.

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*running and screaming*

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11. When Teeny did the Cosmo quiz with the girls, you definitely played along to see what your results were.

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12. And you and your friends picked which character you related to most.

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13. You hoped to god you weren’t Chrissy because she had the worst luck.

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14. But she ended up marrying the town geek and it was actually adorable.

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15. This scene was hard to watch and probably still sends chills down your spine.

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16. And even though Roberta was dealing with grief in her own way, you thought she deserved that punch for playing such a horrible prank.

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17. You 100% had a crush on the hippie soldier, aka Brendan Fraser.

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“That’s the day Roberta stopped taping her boobs.”

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19. Because Devon Sawa was the ultimate heartthrob of the ’90s.

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20. Sam’s parents were going through a divorce and you felt bad about her situation.

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21. But then Teeny gave her a friendship bracelet and it filled your heart with joy.

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22. Chrissy’s reaction to seeing a penis for the first time was priceless.

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23. And Teeny’s expertise was wonderful as usual.

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24. When the girls took revenge on the Wormers, it was such a prideful moment.

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25. And seeing them run naked down the street to retrieve their underwear was epic.

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26. You lived for Roberta’s right hook after this douchebag said girls can’t play softball.

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27. And when he provoked her even further, you were about to hit your TV with rage.

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28. Until Sam saved the day and this kid screamed.

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29. This was the most emotional scene in the movie and you just wanted to hug Roberta.

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30. But then all the girls comforted her and made a pact to always stick together, showing what true friendship looks like.

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All for one and one for all!

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