The 32 Most Park Slope Things That Have Ever Happened

NO NON-ORGANIC QUINOA SMOOTHIE IS SAFE in Brooklyn’s most famed yuppie parent neighborhood.

1. This neighborhood landmark:

3. This graffiti:

(Which, to be fair, is all over Brooklyn.)

4. This single file march:

7. And this request:

8. This quote about the food co-op:

9. This yoga class:

10. This “bike” rack:

12. This warning:

13. THIS warning:

15. This sidewalk giveaway gone wrong:

16. And this that will go very right:

18. These organic Legos:

20. This passive aggressive dog poop note:

21. This stroller phalanx at the park:

23. This act of rebellion:

26. This unnecessary shorthand:

29. This questionable blend:

31. This selection:

32. And this:

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