For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From “Step Up”

Hollywood: Give him the lead in the next Step Up movie, already, geez.

1. True, he was a skinny little kid when he first showed up on-screen in Step Up 2 The Streets.

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And still, you kind of had a crush on him. How could you not??

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2. But ever since then, it’s just been one glorious ride leading to the confident, playful, super babe he is today.

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3. He’s a goofball! Life with Moose means laughing every day.

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4. He’s a total romantic, with an eye for the important little details.

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And the best part is, it’s completely genuine.

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5. If you ever have flooding issues, he’ll make the best of it.

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No one’s known how to use water to his advantage THIS well since Jesus.

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6. The boy can make an entrance.

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7. And he knows that his 30-second dance is essentially the deus ex machina, but he still drops in to save his friends’ butts with humility and grace.

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8. He’s humble and quick to make friends.

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MOST people with a “the third” wouldn’t just drop it for an animal nickname, but Moose knows it’s what’s inside that counts.

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9. He’s on the side of the proletariat.

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And he’s ready to demonstrate his convictions with the POWER OF DANCE.

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10. He is so much cooler than everyone he meets; it is actually embarrassing for them.

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11. He has the CUTEST curly hair in the entire world.

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Look at it. So well-manicured and shapely. Probably he can give you tips.

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12. He’s got a really tight-knit and fun group of friends.

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Just imagine the PARTIES you’d have.

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13. He looks like a good kisser.

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Sorry!!!!! It’s just true.

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14. He oozes confidence and charm.

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15. Like, imagine that little head nod was directed at you. IMAGINE!!!

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16. Obviously he isn’t perfect, but when he does wrong he is genuinely remorseful.

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17. He isn’t just a good dance partner. He’s a good life partner.

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18. Don’t get it twisted: Moose is on top of the game.

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19. And if there’s any doubt, this should really be all anyone needs to ~ get it ~.

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