31 Things That Happen At Every High School Graduation

Somebody pass the tissues. Say another metaphor about dandelions.

1. In a serious and dignified manner, a teacher or principal calls this class “the finest class to ever walk these halls.”

They get better every year.

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2. A mom gets touched when a dad cries.

Like a good guy-cry isn’t totally a thing.

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3. An authority figure mispronounces a name.

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4. Older women rock bright colors.

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5. Someone makes a joke about “plastics.” Parents, that movie is about a college graduate.

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6. Some wacky graduating senior makes a non sequitur.

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7. Every joke gets a huge laugh.

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8. In the heat of the moment, people use awfully strong language!

“Forever.” “Best.” It bears repeating: “Finest.”

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9. A teacher uses the phrase “lifelong learner.”

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10. Someone’s older sibling snorts after overhearing a teenager say, “We’ll keep in touch!”

Haters gonna hate.

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11. People talk a lot about dreams.

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12. Seniors will hear about “the real world,” because I guess teenagers are just making that whole “high school” thing up.

The last few years? Nah, you imagined that.

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13. Adults walk around with their high expectations showing.


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14. Someone gets fed up with platitudes and lays down some truth.

Word up.

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15. A speech contains a metaphor about a dandelion.

We are so this dandelion.

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16. This metaphor will expand to involve wind.


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17. Suddenly overcome by emotion, someone will have to stop talking for a moment.

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18. A senior really isn’t impressed.

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19. Another senior is way too cool for all this pomp and circumstance.

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20. At least three people screw the pooch on what should be a straightforward handshake.

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21. A speech is long.

ID: 1246109

22. Really long.

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23. No one can explain the rules of the tassle.

Where does it go, yo? No one knows.

ID: 1246342

24. If someone doesn’t trip on the way to the stage, you’re doing something wrong.

Lauren Yapalatar / Via buzzfeed.com
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25. Everyone with a camera tries to snap a pic of the caps in the air. All of these will come out blurry.


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26. There will be serious group photos.

ID: 1246549

27. And silly group photos!

ID: 1246490

28. This is how the adults feel:

ID: 1246374

29. This is how graduates feel:

ID: 1246071

30. And you know what? You go, graduates. Fist pump!

ID: 1246668

Because this is EXCITING.

ID: 1246688

31. You did it! And the only appropriate response is this:

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