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    • ariadnes2

      wow. read the article and thought,”yup, now cue the butthurt boys,” and damned if I wasn’t right. Guys, I’m so sorry your precious little emotions were hurt but us ladies are DYING over here. For ONCE just go, “oh you know, yeah this isn’t about me and getting punched once by some guy who wants my iPhone. This is about experiencing a debilitating and humiliating attack for which there never is a physical or emotional recovery only to find that society at large and even members of your own inner circle blame you.” You’ve made it entirely clear that you think women are commodities and things you just get for being a “nice” person but no. Stop it. This is not about “feminazis” or “crazy women” or “false reports” or even about men occasionally dying violently so stop it. Just stop. Most of you will live to be fat old guys with beer bellies who die of a heart attack having never experienced real violence. Most of us ladies have ALREADY experienced some form of sexual violence and you know what? Statistically, the best way we can defend ourselves is by not having a relationship with you. Because of the rate of domestic violence and murder against women. Yes, occassionally it happens that a man dies at the hands of his wife or girlfriend, but it makes the news every last time because it VIRTUALLY NEVER HAPPENS. Now Stop. Being. Ridiculous.