Ms. Magazine Criticized For Rihanna Birthday Tweet

Twitter users said telling the star to “stay safe from violence” was victim-blaming.

John Shearer / AP

The above is a tweet Ms.’s official Twitter account sent today in honor of Rihanna’s birthday. It was not well-received.

One wonders if anyone @msmagazine bothered to consider the possibility that tweet would be triggering for Rihanna or other readers?

— Karnythia (@Mikki Kendall)

WTF, @msmagazine ? Awful, awful! RT @msmagazine happy 25th birthday, Rihanna. Please use your power for good. And stay safe from violence.

— astormraider (@astormraider)

. @msmagazine: "happy birthday, get it girl, we're rooting for you!" could have worked. more birthday, less blaming. cc @Karnythia

— loveismaroon (@katie presley)

[TW] If you wouldn't say "Stay safe from rape," don't say "Stay safe from violence." @msmagazine

— graceishuman (@Grace)

Ms. eventually deleted the tweet, but when criticized for that, they got defensive:

.@msmagazine a deletion but no apology? once again, keep it classy.

— so_treu (@Billie Lee Crockett)

@so_treu Didn't think we were victim blaming, but concerned for woman who was abused, spoke out against abuse, then returned to abuser

— msmagazine (@Ms. Magazine)

@so_treu would appreciate being advised on how we missed on this instead of just being hated on. truly. apologies for any missteps made

— msmagazine (@Ms. Magazine)

Ultimately, though, they did issue an apology:

Apologies for not showing a deeper understanding of the reality of DV survivors' lives.

— msmagazine (@Ms. Magazine)

Ms. has not yet responded to our request for further comment on the issue.

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