16 Kids Who Came Along On Election Day

Some were excited to get a glimpse of the democratic process. Others were ready for a nap.

1. This guy’s party affiliation is unclear, but he’s definitely a patriot.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

New Hampton, New Hampshire.

2. Why Instagram your ballot when you can snap your kid and his shades?

Fred Prouser / Reuters

Los Angeles, California.

3. This little girl is less excited about being documented.

David Becker / Getty Images

Las Vegas, Nevada.

4. But her brother wore his best voting outfit.

David Becker / Getty Images

5. This girl also got to go to the polls in her PJs (plus coat).

Darren McCollester / Getty Images

Manchester, New Hampshire.

6. Long waits for early voting have this kid exhausted.

Joe Skipper / Reuters

West Palm Beach, Florida.

7. These guys are marching to get out the vote, and the kid on the right is not happy about it.

Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

Washington, DC.

8. This guy is more into voting than his baby sister is.

Jeff Haynes / Reuters


9. The political process has this little girl looking somewhat lost.

Matt Sullivan / Reuters

Newark, Ohio.

10. Voting booths make good hiding places.

Tim Shaffer / Reuters


11. So does the area between voting booths.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images

Staten Island, New York.

12. This guy and his sandals are easily portable.

Scott Miller / Reuters

Orlando, Florida.

13. “Whatever, this sucks.”

Joe Skipper / Reuters

West Palm Beach, Florida.

14. Pensive.

Matt Sullivan / Reuters

Columbus, Ohio.

15. Rushing to keep up.

Sara Stathas / Reuters

Racine, Wisconsin.

16. Over it.

Steve Marcus / Reuters

Las Vegas, Nevada.

17. Okay fine, this one’s a cat.

Joe Raymond / AP

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