Five Reasons Why Easter Is The Worst Holiday

Cadbury Eggs AND Peeps are involved, and yet it still somehow manages to suck.

1. There is a man-sized rabbit.

If this guy wasn’t in any of your nightmares growing up…you’re one of the lucky ones.

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2. There are no real presents.

Books about Jesus of Nazareth don’t count as presents, Mom.

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3. It is not an acceptable drinking holiday.

What kind of a goddamned charade is this? If there are no Bloody Marys, you can’t call it brunch. Just stop. Stop it.

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4. People hunt for eggs in the yard.

Who masterminded the hunt and thought it would be fun? No one is getting even close to having a little bit of fun. I would rather do sit-ups than play this game. The worst part….you can’t drink to lessen your boredom because, guess what, it’s Easter.

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5. You have to go to Church.

There is no escape from it either. Just ask that little girl.

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6. Go home, Easter. No one wants you here.

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